Our Blastoff !

Avoir Envie finds its onset in the minds of a highly creative team eager to bring better fashion to its customers. Having seen the same designs done over and over throughout the past decade, the lack of choices made us takeoff. We decided to become the channel to bring fresh, elegant and stylish designs to the evolving customer.

Our Shout !

We believe fashion doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be un-wearable and above all it doesn’t have to be stereotyped. And true to this, our motto is “Be Stylish- Differently and Elegantly”.

Élan !

We aim to make visual statements that you can wear everyday as well as make heads turn when you want to. With our growing collection we aspire to have something especial for everyone- something that defines your style and charm. We are a focussed brand and will continue to strive to become your favourite; for all the right reasons. Believe us when we say “the journey has just begun”!

Welcome to the Avoir Envie community of trendsetters.